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Translation conveys. Transcreation connects.

Many international companies still rely on generic, multilingual translation services to localize their marketing for Japan. The results are often awkward, lacking the nuance necessary to connect with the finicky Japanese consumer.

MagicDesk knows this. And we also know that overseas headquarters want a unified global approach.

That’s where we come in. Carefully crafted marketing messages that make your presence known in Japan while adhering to the brand image. MagicDesk works closely with your sales, marketing and design teams as the project evolves, always on point and always ready with knowledgeable guidance to ensure your approach resonates with the target audience.

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Transcreation advantages: 9 things to know

Localizing with Magicdesk’s all-in-one transcreation service has distinct advantages compared with contracting to individual translators, copywriters and other content creators, all of whom may be on the same project but on different pages.

Transcreation offers a concise localization solution:

  1. Seamlessly blends cultural relevance for better consumer connection.
  2. Clearly communicates subtle nuances.
  3. Enhances engagement through trend-driven storytelling.
  4. Improves the clarity of branding.
  5. Optimizes advertising for specific market segments.
  6. Differentiates from the competition.
  7. Provides emotional appeal via culturally subjective content.
  8. Builds trust through natural language usage.
  9. Promotes cultural understanding.

Combined, these lead to a maximum return on investment by saving time and money.


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Magic Desk, Inc. was established in 2006. Located in the heart of Tokyo and led by seasoned writer and translator Minoru Okajima, our responsive team specializes in English-Japanese transcreation solutions for a wide variety of industries. Combining a crack team of transcreation specialists with an extensive network of contributors, MagicDesk is the one-stop answer for any localization project.

Minoru Okajima

Minoru Okajima


1983 – Graduated Hosei University with a BA in Japanese Literature.

1984 – Recruited by Asia Advertising Co. as a sales representative for international advertising.

1985 – Completed basic and advanced English courses at New York University ALI.

1987 – Graduated City College of New York with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.

1992 – Recruited by the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York as a staff member of the General Affairs section.

1997 – Recruited by PTC Japan as a senior specialist in corporate communications.

2004 – Worked as a freelance business writer in Japanese and English.

2006 – Established Magic Desk, Inc. as CEO.

2024 – Continues to provide transcreation and specialized writing services for major international companies.



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