• 2024-04-05

Who can read AILang?

Who can read AILang?

Who can read AILang? 1024 609 Magicdesk | The Transcreation Company
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Once, the world’s greatest knowledge was written in Latin. Today, it’s written in English. But in the future, could it be written in an AI language: “AILang”?

Human languages, with their ambiguities and redundancies, are likely inefficient for AI. They require a lot of contextual knowledge to grasp nuances.

In contrast, the AILang would be much more precise and efficient. By leveraging symbols, algorithms, and data structures, this new language could revolutionize the way knowledge is conveyed.

However, this raises an important question: who will be able to access knowledge written in such a language? In the past, only a select few scholars could understand Latin. Will knowledge written in AILang be similarly restricted?